The Elphinstone Secondary TV Production Program started with the vision of a teacher and her students to provide the community with local television programming. They were instrumental in the creation of Coast TV, the community television station that has serviced the Sunshine Coast for nearly 40 years.

Coast TV’s Maryanne West Studio is located on site at Elphinstone Secondary, and students are involved in the creation of television programming for the station.


Local Weekly Article – History of Coast TV


Students of the Television Production program can expect to get some training and experience in the following areas:

  • video shot composition
  • camera operations
  • storyboarding
  • script writing
  • production planning
  • interviewing
  • video editing
  • audio
  • lighting
  • visual storytelling
  • multi-camera production
  • switching
  • directing


Teaching Partners

Steve Sleep – Manager, Coast TV

Brittany Broderson – Producer, Coast TV




Emily Sheridan – TV Production Teacher, Elphinstone Secondary

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