Class Resources

Below are resources for your assignments. Please check out the links below the assignment name to complete your tasks:

1) News Clips Editing Assignment:

News Headlines – watch the first 53 seconds of the news headlines as an example of what you will create with the News Clips file.

2) Get to Know the Gimbal Assignment:

Zhiyun Smooth 4 – watch this tutorial before you go out to play with the gimbal.

3) Rules of Composition:

Rules of Composition

4) Storyboarding Assignment:

Intro to Storyboarding – watch this video before beginning your assignment.

5) Microphones:

Types of Microphones

6) Lighting:


7) Cable Coiling:

Coiling Cable – watch this video before beginning this assignment. You may want to refer back to it as you practice.

8) Music:

Music in Film

How Film Scores Play With Our Brains

9) Use of Colour in Film:

Colour Theory in Film

10) Interviewing:

How to Interview Someone on Camera – types of interview questions

Tips for Shooting an Interview




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