Video Projects

Select the following links to view some class projects:

2022/23 Projects:

Elphi Film Fest 2023

SD46 Youth Fire Academy

Elphi News – April 2023

Elphi @ the Wrestling Provincials

Elphi Senior Basketball Team

Elphi News – Feb/March

Elphi News – Dec/Jan 2022/23

Elphinstone Culinary Arts

Elphinstone Fine Arts

An Elphi Christmas Carol

Grade 8 Day

Elphi News – November 2022

Elphi News – October 2022

Elphi News – September 2022

2021/22 Projects:

Elphi Film Fest 2022

Elphi Talent Show 2021/22

Remembrance Day Ceremony 2021

2020/2021 Projects:

“Fun Family Funtimes” – a short film by Shane Baliog

Elphinstone Year End Video 2021

Music Video – Matt Drope “I Miss High School”

Music Video – Matt Drope “Threes”

Elphinstone Sr. Band 2021

Elphinstone Grade 8 Band 2021

Elphi Grad 2021 Instructional Video

Elphi Talent Show 2020

Elphi News Fall 2020

Remembrance Day Virtual Ceremony

2018/19 Elphi News Stories:

Elphi News -Episode 1 (Nov 2018 full episode))

Elphinstone Television Production Program

SD46 Musical Theatre Program

DSLT North Vs. South Hockey Game

Bad to the Bow

Sr. Boys Basketball


Elphi Rugby

Jr. Girls Volleyball

Gym Mural

Book Club

Cougar Cafe

Senior Girls Volleyball

Fall Fun Fest

Cougar Learning Centre

Elphi Recycles

Exchange Students

2018/19 Collaborations with Drama Class:

Elphi’s Frosty The Snowman

The Christmas Breakfast

Theatre Etiquette

Big Foot

The Camping Trip

Video Sequence Projects 2018/19

The Wormhole

Be The Change (1)

Be The Change (2)

Be The Change (3)

Be The Change (4)

The Cone

The Unseen

Sophie’s Kidnapping

Test Day

The Test

Coke Showdown


2017/18 Projects

ACE-IT Culinary Program

Sarah’s New Technology – Part 1

Sarah’s New Technology – Part 2

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